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How to get to our hotel?

You have different possibilities to reach the Plose Parkhotel.

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Feel free to look up flight connections SkyAlps, which offer direct flights to Bolzano airport. Other airports nearby are Innsbruck, Verona,  Munich, Milan or Venice.

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Train station

The nearest train station is Brixen Main Station. Many express trains stop. From there there are direct bus connections or taxi companies that can take you to the Plose Parkhotel.

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Bus station

The bus stop for Flixbus is Brixen. From there there are regular buses that drive directly to the Plose Parkhotel. The stop is

Afers (Brixen), Skihutte.


Transfer Service 

We are happy to help organize a shuttle, taxi or bus for you to pick you up at the train station or airport.

These are the options available to you:

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